About Me

Hello Everyone! I'm Chris, and I'm The Quirky Quilter. Each quilt in my shop is made to order. That means that you and I work together to design the quilt and pick out the fabrics. The personalized quilt you receive will be the only one of its kind in the entire world! Wouldn't that just be the best gift you could ever give a new mommy?! And knowing that it will last forever is just an added bonus!

The beautiful, detailed quilting on each of my quilts is what makes these pieces stand out from the crowd. I meticulously quilt each item with special attention to detail so that you get a one-of-kind, exceptional baby quilt that can be treasured forever.

A quilt is made up of three layers; the top layer, a batting layer (the "stuffing") and a backing layer. "Quilting" refers to the stitches that keep the layers of the quilt together. It is the artistry of the quilting that make my quilts special and absolutely beautiful.

I make each quilt myself. I use my regular sewing machine to put the top of the quilt together and then use my quilting machine to put the three layers together.